Nail-Jeweler – the manicure as the best ornament! <br>
Would you like to surprise your clients and offer them the most fashionable nail design in 2017? Then the Nail-Jeweler course is for you!<br>
    <li>At this course you will learn how to create:</li>
    Stained-glass flowers: rose, peony, blossom truss;</li>
    Splendid designs combining two spectacular techniques – high-speed watercolor painting and Gemty Gel;</li>
    Fashionable bug brooches – hit of 2017, choice of a real fashionista; </li>
    Precious necklace: ropes of pearls, beds of sapphires, rubies and emeralds.</li>
Refinement of the West, Luxury of the East. The Nail-Jeweler course gathered together the techniques and by using them you will definitely rock your clients!
If what your clients want is:
Restrained design
Sophisticated design
Luxurious design
Trendy design
Fashionable design
Sharp look design
Then the Nail-Jeweler course is for you!
Manicure as the best ornament! And you are a virtuosic master who is always in trend and has the enrollment for several months ahead.
Please draw your attention! The Innovative Gemty Gel polymerizes only in E.Mi lamp (30W) – 1 min or in LED (45W) and in LED/CCFL lamps – 2-3 min
Prior to this course, we would recommend you to complete the course in Art Painting. ABC of lines. Top-10. The best E.Mi Design techniques.
How To Enrol: To enrol online please use the “Enrol” button below. Or you can:
Phone: 07961294315/  +442034321442 (10:00 - 18:00 Monday to Friday) by Credit Card/Visa Debit Card – No extra charges.
Note: Deposits are non refundable but are transferable to next available courses.
Note: Customers are entitled to appeal for a refund if a doctors certificate is provided stating the customers unavailability to attend the course.
Note: Cancellation charge 50% of total cost.
Note: An extra extension can be placed on the course by contacting our office

Currently there is no course in your region.

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