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The E.Mi Day in Lithuania

The E.Mi Day in Lithuania

On June 7, Lithuania welcomed the E.Mi Day – the event of manicure fashion! This event was held in the city of Kaunas. So far, 360 nail-industry professionals visited this milestone event for the beauty industry.

Ekaterina and Vera Miroshnichenko, the founders of the E.Mi Company, conducted the event.
Ekaterina Miroshnichenko conducted the workshops on fashionable nail designs. The stylish author’s techniques – from the laconic graphics to jewelry 3D-designs – allow you to have a way with any of your clients. Vera Miroshnichenko showed the workshop on the highly-demanded nail service – nail strengthening with the E.Mi Gel System, and, she also disclosed the secrets of an efficient management for beauty salons.

The guests of this event were presented with the gifts, branded certificates, and they participated in the lottery. Thanks to all of you for your good mood and kind feedbacks in social networks!

Alexa says, "Thanks for educational seminar! Your are super! We’re already missing you and looking forward to meet again! God bless you!"

@san_ta_m says, "A historical event! This is the best seminar I have ever assisted to. I hope to progress even further along with you."

Ugnė says, "About time! Finally, the most long-awaited summer day is in! I feel like a teenager at my idol’s concert! A lot of new ideas, motivation and more desire to move on."